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Binary House on the Houston AIA Tour

One of our most popular designs here at Hometta is the Binary House by Collaborative Desingworks. The firm's principal, James Evans, is a highly decorated architect known for designing striking modern spaces at an affordable cost per square foot. It's also our first internationally built Hometta design. Construction on one is currently underway in Trinidad! As always, plans for the Binary House and all of Hometta's other outstanding plans can be viewed here

This fall, the public is invited to tour Binary House as part of Houston's 2013 AIA tour on October 26-27, 2013. Don't miss it!

 More photos of the home on this year's tour and the Trinidad project are after the jump. 

Binary House in Houston


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Bourollec Brothers at Vitra

The Borollecs have an exhibit up at the Vitra Design Museum, which focuses partly on the importance of freehand drawing in their design process.

The exhibition emphasises the significance drawing has always had for the conception of objects – from da Vinci to Le Corbusier. The very word “design” can be traced back to the Italian term “disegno”, which was used in the Renaissance to refer to the sketching out of a pictorial motif.”

Album from Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec on Vimeo.



Eames Elephants

Via Metropolis Magazine, Valentines Day fun from the seemingly inexhaustible well of Eames-based inspiration. Toy elephants in Africa:

Which is great and alll, but I prefer the one of them in Los Angeles, in which they visit the Eames House:


Thursday Readings in Modern Architecture

Just in time lunch-hour web browsing:

Herzog & de Meuron, Actelion Business Center, study models, 2010. Via Design Observer.•Design Observer publishes an interview with Jacques Herzog about his work and the Swiss ideas behind it. 

•NYT House & Garden has a Q & A with a leading producer of architecture-related iPad apps about the future of architecture online.

•A standard, modern-house-irritates-the-neighbors story in the Wall Street Journal doesn't answer the main question we're asking: who is Sheryl Sandberg's architect?



SOL Austin in the NYT

One of the first houses to go up at SOL, in 2009We always try to keep up to date with what Karrie Jacobs is working on, ever since we got introduced to her--and for that matter, or our long-time collaborator Brett Zamore--via her book The Perfect $100,000 House. So after enjoying her recent Metropolis piece about Austin's Domain shopping center and changing notions of urbanism, we couldn't help but wonder what she was doing in our old stomping grounds. 

This morning over coffee and the Times' House and Home section, our curiosity was satisfied--and delighted--to discover her mission was to profile Hometta contributor Chris Krager of KRDB and his super-cool SOL development in East Austin. 

Chris was one of Hometta's earliest contributors, and is someone we admire immensely for his creativity and dedication to improving the built environment through progressive architecture. So much so that we traveled to Austin in 2010 to check out SOL and do a couple of podcasts profiling KRDB and the Dogtrot Casita, plans for which are for sale at Hometta. 

So if you enjoyed the Times piece today and would like to know more....

Here's my original blog post from that day, and the two videos we produced from our time there:

Meet KRDB from Hometta, Inc. on Vimeo.

Dogtrot Casita from Hometta, Inc. on Vimeo.