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Keith Krumwiede's Lantern House for HomettaA Hometta contributor has a show opening at the Woodbury University Hollywood Gallery this Friday, and through tomorrow, you have a chance to be part of it via its Kickstarter campaign


Freedomland by Keith Krumweide, architecture professor at Yale University, is an "architectural satire." Simultaneously an art installation and a wild surmise, the series of drawings and texts is is "the latest in a long line of visionary plans for American living:"

In an attempt to solve every problem and please every citizen, Freedomland, in one bold, absurdist move, colonizes the super grid that blankets America. Like the work of a benevolent (or perhaps delusional) dictator, it seeks to accommodate every wish, every desire, no matter how contradictory and to combine them in a master plan that sets out a beautiful, if seemingly naïve, vision for a better, more harmonious world. 

Investors will receive "naming rights" to one of the estates, each culled from the numerous stock plans for sale by America's mega-homebuilders. For a minimum investment of $25, you can name one of the estates, a real bargain, Krumeweide says, "when you think of the millions some people will spend ot get their name on a building."


I love this. Adding to the unreality, Freedomland's 128 "unique neighborhood farm estates" each rotate counter-clockwise on their 40-acre plots every 40 years. Is Freedomland a bizarre square dance of land-use despair? Or that hilarity that comes aftewards, when you realize you're beat and can't stop laughing?

Or maybe it's our real future, after all. 

More info is available on the Freedomland Tumblr.


up+dn Houses Completed in Houston

Behold, up+dn house becomes a reality. All images courtesy of Brett Zamore Design.

More beautiful, practical goodness from Brett Zamore Design is on the ground here in Houston, with more in the works. One of our most prolific studios, BZD has been busy building and developing new plans and products, in addition to opening a storefront in a dynamic pedestrian neighborhood in central Houston. We love that. 

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Today's Visual Fun

It's not architecture. It's this wonderful art installation composed of an empty white room and a helium-filled ball adorned with 300 charcoal drawing sticks. Watching people interact with it is the really fun part. HT: Fast Company Design.


Opening Monday: Gail Peter Borden Density Frames at USC

More info here



Hometta's nottoscale in the NYT Style Section


It's no secret we love Thursday. Among other reasons: it's the day the big national papers release their style sections, and we anticipate a little extra visual inspiration. We greeted one recent Thursday in San Francisco, reading the papers and plotting our day of architecture and Gertrude Stein consumption at a very delicious (and very tiny) local restaurant (thanks, Urban Spoon!). 

Image via New York Times.In between chatting with tne neighbors at our family-style table and enjoying our strawberries with nuts on toast, we were enchanted by the home on the front page of the Times and its connection with its stunning desert locale. And then, a dawning realization: that place looks familar! Sure enough, though it took a bit of hunting through the story to find the name of the architect, he's one of ours: Peter Strzebniok of nottoscale.

Farm:table. Highly recommended in San Francisco

We love it when that happens. And it's not the first time, either.