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You Know What I Love?

Live/work, via LifeworkHerman Miller's Lifework blog. Their writers always serve up intriguing spaces and people (and their playlists), and often provide inspiration or good ideas for sharing. Today, not only did I get some great tips on being a better freelancer, which I'll freely admit to needing, but I also got this boombox desktop wallpaper. Free!



Trending: Lightbulbs To Look At, Not Cover Up

Via Readymade, the most elaborate ones I've seen yet.

Looks as if this trend is peaking, and I like what I see.

For a couple of years, I've watched approvingly as the bare lightbub takes a place of honor in modern interiors. Silvered, frosted, even plain bulbs artfully arranged, they're economical and striking when deployed correctly. What could be more function-friendly than to let the bulb istelf serve as the decoration? 

I took this to an extreme in my own kitchen where a pair of Moooi Clusterlamps host a rotating cast of bulbs that are themselves the focal point of the fixture. It's almost time to stock up on orange for fall, and green and red for the Christmas season...



Jonathan Adler Loves Corian & "Eclecticism on Acid"

I've always been a big fan of Corian, an affinity increased exponentially by my work with Hometta's Lunar House, concrete prototype panels for which are currently on display at the Venice Biennale. I used Corian successfully in one of my favorite renovations, a townhouse my family and I lived in near Rice University in Houston. Click the link above and scroll down for more photos of the townhouse.

Photo by Carolina SaundersThe 70s structure, designed by Houston architect William Canady, was in need of an update and I was thrilled with the results, as well as the lovely photos Carolina Saunders took for her blog

So I was pleased to see one of my favorite designers, Jonathan Adler, praising Corian in this YouTube video. You know, great minds and all that...



On the Heels of the Lego Kitchen, the Domino Table.

Yes, you can scoop them up and play with them.

Photo via Design BureauWhat a fantastic trend! Started, as far as I know, by the Lego Kitchen. Anyone else got good examples?

Image via The Cool Hunter